On Creating and Maintaining a Present Mindset

A few weeks ago, I received a question from a follower about how one should go about creating and maintaining a present mindset. Here’s my answer:

1.    Notice your thoughts and emotions

Learn to identify where your thoughts reside, past, present or future. Awareness of your thoughts helps you recognize which ones are distractions and which ones are truly focused on the “now.” Knowing your distractions allows you to more quickly move past them to tap into the present.

2.    Respect your present

“What you feed your present becomes your past, and it is from your past that you can create perceptions of the future”—Maintaining a positive mindset in the present allows you to more easily create a trust and belief in the future. After all, everything that your brain takes in informs your perception of events, past, present and future. Set yourself up for positivity with a better attitude towards your present!

3.    Treat your attention with care

We live in an attention economy. Something is always clamoring for your focus and acting on these impulses drags us away from the present. Learning to resist these impulses and treating your attention with care is key! After all, your attention is yours alone, and you are ultimately in control of how you spend it. Reflect on how you use this precious resource and over time you’ll gain more cognitive control. With practice and dedication, one day it will be much easier to say, “Thanks, but no thanks!” to the items that do not serve you.

Let’s reclaim our focus!