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Mindfulness vs. Focus: What’s the Difference?

I find that in speaking with others about focus, people often confuse it with mindfulness. While the two can go hand-in-hand, they are not completely synonymous. To me, mindfulness is simply one component of the larger concept. It is a tool that can help you focus in the short-term, but mindfulness alone will not solve the sustained lack of…


Countering Collective Blur in the COVID-19 Crisis

Do we have sufficient focus? The ability to resist impulses, exercise self-discipline, work concentrated on one task at a time, control attention and maintain cognitive control is what I call focus. From this follows presence, attentiveness and empathy. In my work I have seen a lack of these traits over…


Competition is Motivating, But It Isn’t Enough

I will never forget the moment I became a World Champion sharpshooter. Standing on the podium, looking out at the cheering crowd, it was a scene unlike anything I could have imagined. An unexpected surge of deep gratitude rose up within myself as I realized this hard-earned goal. And still,…


Focus in the Age of the Attention Economy

Long-term focus isn’t only about increasing your performance at work; it is so much larger than the work-related spin we put on it. Long-term, or relaxed, focus is something that improves both the professional and personal aspects of your life. At the office, it is greater productivity, discernment and quality;…


On Creating and Maintaining a Present Mindset

A few weeks ago, I received a question from a follower about how one should go about creating and maintaining a present mindset. Here’s my answer: 1.    Notice your thoughts and emotions Learn to identify where your thoughts reside, past, present or future. Awareness of your thoughts helps you recognize which…


The Focus Model

During my 25,000 hours on the shooting range, I developed a simple model to help one come into, and maintain, focus. My Focus Model outlines the obstacles to focus, as well as how to overcome them to tap into your full potential. Let’s break it down:   Step One: Take…