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As technology serves up a steady stream of digital “innovations,” we’re enticed into giving them our full attention. But should we? Allowing yourself to focus on one task, one person, one goal creates space for the kind of connections that truly sustain us. This helps foster gratitude for what’s right in front of you.

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We’re drowning in distractions that compete for our attention. Noise pollution and non-stop media make it difficult for us to find and maintain focus as we shift from one task to another.

I wrote this book to show you the true power of your thoughts, emotions, and mindset. As you master the art of controlled attention, you’ll operate from a place of strength and clarity.
This is where lucidity flows, joy is found, and common sense prevails.


It’s not about becoming something new, or something better, but functioning well exactly as you are.

In a new light, you’ll see that this is perfectly sufficient for living a full and satisfying life.

Top Takeaways

Relax. This is one book that gives you permission to cross tasks off the to-do list. As you focus on what really matters, you’ll find yourself:

  • Selecting the right thought from thousands in your head
  • Doing one thing at a time and doing it well
  • Staying sharp under pressure and being yourself
  • Daring to make a decision and stick with it when faced with endless opportunities
  • Clearing unimportant things out of the way and finding time despite outside demands
  • Acting constructively right here and now even when you’re feeling anxious
  • Appreciating the value of what you have and what you are

What People Are Saying


"A quick read using world-class shooting to illustrate the important aspects of focus and its impact on one's life. A bonus is the inside look at the life and sacrifices needed to become a world-class shooter."

Focus Is Key

"Finding your focus is not “out there” but comes from within. Be present, be grateful, and tap into that inner core of who you are, your True Self."

Clearly, Understandably Written

"Wonderful approach to mindfulness in terms of reality... Every `successful` person somehow is related to meditation, being still and calm. Wonderful book... a must-read."

Fantastic Book On Focus

"This book discusses how to focus through a simple model and many examples. The process is easy to understand and apply to life."

Who Should Read This Book?

The Art of Focus: 10,9 was written for anyone who’s feeling restless, unfocused, or less than effective. If your time is spent jumping from task to task, you can begin to feel more and more disconnected from your true purpose.

Whether you’re running a household or a corporation, focus and concentration affect not only how your days unfold, but the impact you have on those around you and the joy you’re experiencing in every moment.


In the pursuit of success, focus should be placed on who we are and what we have, not chasing after what we’re not and what we don’t have.

The great news is, you don’t have to work harder. With a new perspective, you’ll shift your focus to long-term goals that matter most.

Meet Christina

Christina’s unique journey from a childhood spent in the Swedish countryside to a place on the highest podium revealed some important truths: Decisions are powerful, time is precious, and focus is essential.

As a world champion precision shooter, Christina’s passion is empowering others to fully reclaim their focus –– so that daily distractions no longer have the upper hand.

After years of practice, and many setbacks, she learned how to harness concentration when it’s needed most. As the modern world competes for our attention, the simple act of concentrating on one thing is more powerful than ever.

On the TEDx Stage

What can a tiny autumn leaf tell us about our own human nature? Christina’s TEDx talk has touched hundreds of thousands of people, revealing the limitless power of a mind in focus.

With the modern world competing for our attention at every turn, we must take back control of our time, our aspirations, and our deepest values. Discover how mastering the art of focused attention makes you the master of your destiny.

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