Focus unleashes your power

Following my career as a military officer and world champion precision shooter, I’ve devoted my life to helping others master focus –– an essential skill in today’s fractured society.

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After a childhood spent in the Swedish countryside, I became a world champion precision shooter. So how did I do it?

Through 25,000 hours of practice, and countless failures, it all came down to one essential element –– focus. It sounds obvious and, in many ways, it is. Yet our modern world competes for attention at every turn.

Today, I speak to audiences worldwide, from TEDx stages to the Stockholm School of Economics.

I share tools for tapping into your deepest core values, such as my focus model, which can help you thrive in our attention economy.


If your day is ruled by quick fixes that fail to serve your higher purpose, I can show you how to become fully present and focus on what really matters.

What People Are Saying

"She's like the female version of James Bond. Moving on purpose with precision, with charisma, with grace. A most compelling speech ... ultimately speaking the language of the heart. Truly beautiful from the inside out and just a very good feeling person to me. Thank you dear Christina, keep thriving!"

-Maruska Carthigaser