Speaker, author, military officer and world champion


Christina Bengtsson is an author, lecturer, military officer

and World Champion in precision shooting.

She is a top expert on focus, and latest employed within the National Defense College in Stockholm. She has spent her whole career exploring this ability

- an essential skill in today's society with its intensive demands on performance,

and can be applied to both our professional and personal life.

She is the author of the acclaimed book "The Art of Focus – 10.9” and provides concrete advice about how we can take command over and control our thoughts, not merely in crucial situations, but in life as a whole. 

Christina's concept doesn't therefore merely contribute to personal success and well-being, but even to the development of a healthy society. 


See Christinas TEDx talk here!

What are focus and concentration, how are they expressed, and what impact do they have on our performance, our organisations and our lives? Christina shares her experience, based on 25,000 training hours over 15 years, of wins and losses and of the value of being present in "the undemanding moment". How do you succeed in performing in a critical situation, right when it really matters, and how do you maintain long-term focus in an ever more changing world?

Christina is accustomed to perform on the big stages, and gives lectures for both large and smaller exclusive groups. Choose a shorter, inspirational lecture, a longer one for deeper understanding or a workshop or a training day for further concrete practical advice. The content and structure are always determined in consultation with the customer and to suit the purpose of the session.


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"It's all about discovering the tiny difference between concentrated and not concentrated, and what that little nuance in your existence can mean. It's not about becoming something new, or something better, but simply about functioning as well  as we already are – and understanding that this is enough, both for general happiness and for major achievements.


Focus means choosing the right thought from thousands – doing one thing at a time and doing it well. It means that when existence seems to be split into many opportunities, you are able to choose and stick to your choice. 


It means acting constructively here and now when your thoughts become mired in worry and brooding; it means taking the time while you strive for more to see the value in what you already have and are. It means identifying your inner you and appreciating the truly important values in life."

From "The Art of Focus – 10.9" 


Reading The Art of Focus is a revelation. This book beats other books in the same area by miles. The Art of Focus is the "ghostbuster" that kills off all of your imaginary worries. The author is a crack shot. Literally.
Kulturen Newspaper.

The Art of Focus – a pragmatic and intelligent manual!
Kollega Newspaper.

Christina is a winner, but she is also an inquisitive thinker that makes us consider what in our lives gets us out of focus.

Right on target – with no empty rhetoric. A humble book written by a world champion and a book that beats most others within the field of sports psychology,
self-help and "find your better you".
Kulturvinden Newspaper.

+46 (0)8 702 15 19
+46 (0)730 666 376